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Trailer Mechanic Inspection Checklist

If you have a trailer, and you think about going on a trip with it, you should really make sure everything is in order. A trailer inspection is necessary because it guarantees you safety, and it will tell you if you need to replace or fix something before hitting the road.

Trailer Wheels

You want to start with Trailer wheels, by wobbling them from side to side to check if there is any movement. If there is, you will need to replace it. Checking tires, and pressure is also necessary. First, inspect if there are any tears and rips. This can happen due to physical damage, or if they have not been used for a couple of years. You will definitely need to check the air pressure as well. One of the most important parts is brakes, and you normally have three types. Mechanical, hydraulic, and electric magnet type and you should check all these for adjustment, hydraulic fluid, and overall condition. If you know how to do it, check wiring and trailer lights as well. Corrosion is a common problem, which should be dealt with in order for everything to work properly. Once you have inspected all of this, you can buy Trailer wheels, and any other spare parts you need, and only then you can travel safely. Also, before going away, make a small toolbox to bring, in case anything happens.

If you want a safe and comfortable trip, making sure your trailer is in perfect condition should be at the top of your list. Follow these steps to check for these basic things, and you feel like it, you can always leave it at the mechanics for further check-up.