• Nelly Furtado Music

    Nelly Furtado Music

    A Musical Mix That Is Nelly Furtado

    Most of us can’t imagine a life without music. Whatever you are feeling, or doing, it is something that can inspire you, help you and entertain you. Pop music is one of the most listened genres, and we are going to honor Nelly Furtado this time.

    With her unique voice and a combination of pop and a bit of RnB, Nelly Furtado Music is pretty versatile. Some electronic touches give it a dance vibe, which is surely going to get you on your feet. Since it is pretty hard to stay present when a new artist emerges every day, she is one of the few artists that has stayed and been constantly innovative and creative with her music and style. In her early years, you can even hear the hip hop vibe of the 2000s, which is something that is popular even today. Aside from her music, she is known for her philanthropic work. She was a huge advocate for AIDS campaigns, and she even helped build a girl’s school in Kenya.

    Nelly Furtado Music

    As some of the inspiration and idols for Nelly Furtado Music, she lists Madonna, Blondie, Prince, and many more. Since she grew up in a multicultural environment, she always said she was happy to learn about different cultures and was lucky enough to have all of those become an inspiration for her music. In her albums, she has a mix of songs in English and Spanish, which is perfect for everyone who likes more variety.

    If you are interested in the old school pop sounds, and if you like to dance, then Nelly is one of the artists you should give a listen to.